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Intrinsic Motivation in Museums: Why Does One Want to Learn?
by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi and Kim Hermanson. 
Originally published in Museum News, 1996. Later drafts published as Chapter 15 in Eileen Hooper-Greenhill (ed). The Educational Role of the Museum. Publisher: Routledge and Chapter 3 in Public Institutions for Personal Learning. Publisher: American Associations of Museums.

What Image is Guiding You
by Kim Hermanson.
Published May 27, 2021 in
Thrive Global

The Power of Thinking in Shapes
by Kim Hermanson
Published May 29, 2021 in

5 Reasons Why Creativity and Business Have a Problematic Relationship
by Kim Hermanson.
Published May 30, 2019 in

Metaphorical Knowing: Creating New Understandings and New Realities
by Kim Hermanson.
Published November, 2013 in
Integral Leadership Review

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