Complex problems don’t require complex solutions. They require a shift of perception.

Accepting the Deep Call course

It takes fortitude to go against the norm and follow an inner call.

Spiritual callings can’t be understood from the logic of the thinking mind. They’re not rational or logical, and it takes courage to follow them.


  • something deep is nudging you
  • you’ve been haunted by a vision
  • you know you’re not living your purpose
  • you have a gift you’re afraid to fully step into
  • you’re resisting an inner call because it feels way too big…

this course is for you.

We often don’t have the proper training or credentials for whatever is being asked of us….the intelligent field doesn’t care about credentials. This greater creative movement also doesn’t care if you feel you’re too old, tired, or not ‘good enough.’

A deep call will haunt you until you heed its message.

It takes courage and clarity to follow an inner call because true visions (and paradigm-changing work) don’t come from the ego or what society values as important.

In this online course, you’ll learn the language of metaphor, which will allow you to tap into your own inner knowing and communicate with the realm of Spirit. And in Part 4, you’ll take the journey into the intelligent field… and your soul’s true purpose.

Part 1: Introducing Another Way of Knowing
Part 2: Attuning to the Deep Creative
Part 3: Working with the Language of Metaphor
Part 4: Journeying into Non-Ordinary Intelligence
Part 5: Accepting the Deep Call

This realm knows who you are. It’s time for you to be seen and own your gifts. As you anchor in this vibrational field of potent Source energies, you’ll discover newfound clarity and unforeseen possibility. You’ll also experience flow, grace, ease, strength, and a deep sense of security and peace.

  • Own your spiritual gifts & resources.
  • Align with the wisdom and intelligence of your true gift.
  • Uncover the core vibration that wants to be set in motion.
  • Discover inner knowing & possibilities that can’t be revealed any other way.
  • Quickly shift out of difficulties and into a place of profound healing, power, & creative flow.

This is deep work—it’s not about floating on the surface of spirituality and creativity. Some of us need a strong connection with Spirit to do the pioneering work we’ve been called to do.

We humans are brilliant when we allow Something greater to move through us.


Drawing on the latest neuroscience research, Kim Hermanson has created specific guided journeys to tap the powerful & intuitive knowing of your right cerebral hemisphere.

unlock your brilliant creative gifts

establish clarity, focus & direction

release your inner wisdom and intuition

develop deep meaning and sense of purpose

open your body’s natural healing and calming mechanisms

experience breakthroughs & a deep shift in your sense of 'being'

Price: $19.00

This work has been invaluable. It gives me access to something I have no other way to access… to wisdom I know deep down but I have no bridge to it.

BRINDA JACOB-JANVRINBRINDA JACOB-JANVRINFounder, Studio for Movement Arts & TherapiesTrust

Incredibly powerful and accessible work. I have a new life now; this is home. I've been looking for this place.

TOBI LYTLETOBI LYTLEExecutive Development Coach

This work brings deep guidance – it opened a part of me that I thought had been long lost. It’s profoundly transformative.

MIM KOHNMIM KOHNNew York University Adjunct Professor

For the past 30 years, Dr. Kim Hermanson has revolutionized the field by developing unique, specialized techniques that utilize the language of metaphor as a gateway to higher knowing.

"Not since Carlos Castenada's books 40 years ago have I had such a strong reaction. This is very powerful stuff."  ~ Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, New York Times bestselling author of Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience and co-founder of the field of Positive Psychology

Dr. Kim Hermanson is known as a thought-leader for her unique mind-shifting techniques that help people access the right hemispheres of their brains. An educator and adjunct professor at Pacifica Graduate Institute, Kim’s work unveils the untapped intelligent field of profound beauty that lies beyond thought in the mind’s third space. She has helped thousands of creatives, pioneers, therapists, and seekers of all kinds achieve breakthroughs in jumpstarting their mental health, learning, and creativity. Kim has written three books on the non-cognitive, visionary, and creative space that lies beyond our thinking mind: Getting Messy: A Guide to Taking Risks and Opening the Imagination for Teachers, Trainers, Coaches, and Mentors, Deep Knowing: Entering the Realm of Non-Ordinary Intelligence, which won a 2022 National Indie Excellence Award, and Sky's the Limit: The Art of Nancy Dunlop Cawdrey, which received an Independent Publisher Book Award. She has also co-authored articles and book chapters with the late Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, the author of Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience and co-founder of the field of Positive Psychology, who described her work as "pioneering."